be a rainbow in someone elses cloud.

| on the road again. goin’ places that ive never been. seein’ things that i may never see again. |

bonnaroo 2015.

in all fairness, i absolutely must see the farm again.

bonnaroo, you lived up to all my expectations. you were brilliant. you were hot. you were loads of fun. you had me truly forget about life. i lived completely in the moment and i absolutely loved every second of it. there were many highlights but my favorites [in no particular order] were: mumford & sons. elle king. run for jewels. ben harper. circling up as a group during billy joel’s piano man [still gives me goosebumps]. florence and the machine. and my morning jacket. mind blown. new fan right here.

and lets not forget that moment when i was named the s4p bonnarookie of the year. boom. pretty damn proud of that. this past weekend while at solstice i saw many friends, when one asked ‘whats new?’ i replied not really much of anything. when she said back to me, ‘didnt you just win some bonna…something?’ yes. yes, i did win boonarookie of the year. [insert big smile here] so yes, that is new and exciting. it should definitely be added to my resume, right?

it was an incredible five days with some of the best people i know in cleveland. plus, i met some equally as awesome new friends. live music in the hot, summer sun, well honestly, not much beats it. how many days until we are back on the farm? #bonnaroo #ready2roo #happyroo #s4p #sorryforpartying

beautiful & crooked.

your path is beautiful and crooked and just as it should be.
it is so simple and so perfect. which is the funny part because really, whose path is perfect? mine is not. and honestly, neither is yours. but at the end of the day, when we throw aside all of the baggage we cart around …. well its the breathtaking and the chaos that make us me shine. oh there are definitely times i wish i would have turned around. but think of all the things that would not be, had we not followed those twists and turns. i have to accept it is as it should be. together, beautiful & crooked just make for more fun, right?

beau·ti·ful | ˈbyo͞odəfəl/

beau·ti·ful | ˈbyo͞odəfəl/i was flipping through glamour magazine last night and cindi leive, editor-in-chief asked this: what’s beautiful to you right now? in this moment i find beauty in: the smile on my nieces faces when they turn and see me coming towards them. the sunshine. the embrace from friendsi havent seen in a while. the color of watermelon on my lips when wearing my punch pop lip balm. the love and pride allclevelanders have when it comes to our teams. the simple pleasure of curling up with a book and getting lost in it for hours. tulips, everywhere. sassy short hairstyles. photographs; there is a reason instagram is my favorite app. falling asleep with the windows open and hearing the sounds of spring…or summer. or whatever season we are calling it at the moment. fresh fruit, especially pineapples and raspberries. early morning drives, sunroof open and the new mumford & sons cd playing. brightly coloredmanicures, hey, white is bright for someone who usually always wears dark colors. your smile. seeing runners. it [almost] makes me want to hit the pavement again. completely real conversations, even if it must be through texts with my tribe. family relationships. patio drinking. and the quiet moment at the end of the day where you just are at peace.

what is beautiful to you?

cindi ended her column with these words which resonated with me and so i too leave you with them: ‘…and you’ll find no rules of any kind, other than: just do you.
always the best policy.’

when i grow up.

meredith: [opening voice] picture the life you dreamed of living. the person you pictured being with. picture the job you dreamed you’d have. are you living the life you envisioned for yourself? are you who you wanted to be when you grew up?
meredith: [ending voice over] open your eyes. take a good look around you. how’s the view? do you like what you see? think back again to when you were little. are you living the life you pictured for yourself? or are you still dreaming of something bigger?

i dont actually watch a lot of television. and when i do its usually sports and in that case mostly football. or i am watching something on netflix. but yes, i still watch grey’s anatomy, though usually off of the dvr. its one of my guilty pleasures and i am not ashamed to admit it. its still that one show that gets me choked up and ill admit that i almost always shed a few tears. when i grow up::the most recent episode and the one i just finished watching. ive always loved meredith’s voice overs and this one hit home. i suppose by most standards i am grown up. ill be blowing out thirty-six candles this fall. i am sure my nieces will tell you that is old. it certainly feels old. and it is probably considered grown up, right? honestly …. i just dont know. in some ways i feel grown up. on the other hand, far from it. and it all goes back to that voice over. am i living the life i pictured for myself? or am i still dreaming of something bigger? i think i am [still] dreaming of something bigger. though i am not exactly sure what that something bigger is. something in my gut just tells me i should be doing ….
something more … something bigger …

rock your bliss | making shift happen

rock your bliss: a movement created by two best friends. meet mary beth la rue and jacki carr.
our unique combination of yoga+coaching brings action to intention.

on friday night, i [along with some incredible people from lululemon, harness and grooveryde] were lucky enough to attend a private cleveland is my om kickoff event at harness cycle. i say lucky because we were in the beautiful space that harness cycle calls home. i was surrounded by some of the most inspiring people in the community. and it was intimate. i have no doubt the event on saturday at red space was incredible, unfortunately some of us had to actually sell those yoga pants we all live for. so yes, i was lucky to be in the presence of all those there friday night. i wasnt sure what to expect but i went in with an open and clear mind. and i loved each and every moment of it. the ride literally kicked my ass. i love the whole idea of spinning but it is hard. and i think it clicked as to why its so hard for me. you know the one two, one two … riding to the beat of the music. i simply cannot. i have no rhythm and that just throws you off for the whole ride. anyhow, that is neither here or there. following our ride we circled up on the floor with some wine and thats when the magic happened. mary beth and jacki led us through some beautiful conversation. it was real and emotional. we focused on values. how do you define values? essentially, its what is important to me. my way of being everything. my energy. my true north. who i am. as a group we defined values in the most simple form and then we were asked to circle the ten that meant the most to us. and then circle the top three. turning to our neighbor we became vulnerable and shared what this number one meant to us. my number one: self-love. i found it hard at first to share with my partner, katie what self-love was to me. after a pause or two it started spilling out. i am not sure why it was hard. honestly, its not a new conversation. in some way i have had this conversation before. my takeaway: self-love. my self-love. its going to make me or break me. really, i need to let it shine. have the confidence in all that i do and it [whatever that it is] can be mine. before we left, mary beth and jacki asked us to commit to sharing our top four values with someone. you are my someone. im putting them out into the world…
self-love. family. balance. creativity.
when i was first hired with lululemon we had similar conversations regarding values. i am pretty sure if you asked me my top four a year ago i would have said something completely different. i know my values. but i think as we grow and walk away from our experiences…its just that in one moment or another, this value or that value becomes of a little more/or a little less of importance. but like jacki said we cant fake them. and we cant hide any. let the magic take you. and to experience that magic=we must have a sacred pause. [truthbomb]

once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. blessed and so thankful to have rocked my bliss with mary beth and jacki. both are fabulous and touched me deeply. xo.