when i first joined lululemon in 2014 i wrote ‘i run the seawheeze half marathon is 2.0 hours in august 2015’ on my goals that hang in the store.

it will be a year later than planned but it is happening.

#seawheeze 2016. i am coming for you.

i am extremely excited about this adventure — there is an amazing cleveland lululemon team going to vancouver and i am looking forward to my relationships growing with all these individuals as we log some serious training miles together. and yes, i look forward to crushing that goal of running across a half marathon finish line.

i suppose it is time to dust off those running shoes, get the nike+ sportwatch charged, and i should probably add some luxtreme and run swiftly gear to my collection of wunderunders…

lets do this cleveland lululemon seawheeze 2o16 squad!


fear‘i knew that if i allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so i choose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. i decided i was safe. i was strong. i was brave. nothing could vanquish me. insisting on this story was a form of mind control, but for the most part it worked.’ – cheryl strayed, wild

this passage has stuck with me since i finished the book over a week ago. its just so damn on point. think about it, our journeys are so going to fail if we let our fears drive us. right? you and i both know this is the truth. i read this book while attending the landmark forum in chicago. i havent commented on it in-depth but i know that i walked away from it with some nuggets about who i am and who i want to be. i again, will simply say i am declaring the possibility of being fearless, confidant and extraordinary.

barre so hard.

i am in the club. the 500 club.

it still blows my mind that in two years i took 500 pure barre classes. like whoa. and i truly fall in love with it each and every time i walk into the studio. it really is apart of who i am. i am happiest when i can lift-tone-burn. and i can tell you this much [from someone who is there 5-7 times a week] when you take a week off for whatever reason, your my body notices. the class i took this morning, it was killer and i thought i was going to die. okay, not really, but you get what i am trying to say.

so the 500th class: it was everything i could have hoped for it to be. reaching that milestone involved a lot of double ups – more than i wanted to do actually. but i really wanted to sign the barre on july 29th – two years to the day of my 100th class, so i  did everything and anything to make it happen.

#500 was special in so many ways. from ‘very tabs’ pineapple shirts, to pineapple cookies, to my girls tucking beside me, to two of my favorite moves with two of my favorite teachers, to champagne toasts and post class margaritas. i loved each and every second of the evening.

maggie, jenny, kelly, lori, alana, and brandi: thank you from the bottom of my heart for making #500 so magical. i am lucky to call each of you friends and cannot wait to celebrate your next barre milestone with you.

be a rainbow in someone elses cloud.

| on the road again. goin’ places that ive never been. seein’ things that i may never see again. |

bonnaroo 2015.

in all fairness, i absolutely must see the farm again.

bonnaroo, you lived up to all my expectations. you were brilliant. you were hot. you were loads of fun. you had me truly forget about life. i lived completely in the moment and i absolutely loved every second of it. there were many highlights but my favorites [in no particular order] were: mumford & sons. elle king. run for jewels. ben harper. circling up as a group during billy joel’s piano man [still gives me goosebumps]. florence and the machine. and my morning jacket. mind blown. new fan right here.

and lets not forget that moment when i was named the s4p bonnarookie of the year. boom. pretty damn proud of that. this past weekend while at solstice i saw many friends, when one asked ‘whats new?’ i replied not really much of anything. when she said back to me, ‘didnt you just win some bonna…something?’ yes. yes, i did win boonarookie of the year. [insert big smile here] so yes, that is new and exciting. it should definitely be added to my resume, right?

it was an incredible five days with some of the best people i know in cleveland. plus, i met some equally as awesome new friends. live music in the hot, summer sun, well honestly, not much beats it. how many days until we are back on the farm? #bonnaroo #ready2roo #happyroo #s4p #sorryforpartying

beautiful & crooked.

your path is beautiful and crooked and just as it should be.
it is so simple and so perfect. which is the funny part because really, whose path is perfect? mine is not. and honestly, neither is yours. but at the end of the day, when we throw aside all of the baggage we cart around …. well its the breathtaking and the chaos that make us me shine. oh there are definitely times i wish i would have turned around. but think of all the things that would not be, had we not followed those twists and turns. i have to accept it is as it should be. together, beautiful & crooked just make for more fun, right?

beau·ti·ful | ˈbyo͞odəfəl/

beau·ti·ful | ˈbyo͞odəfəl/i was flipping through glamour magazine last night and cindi leive, editor-in-chief asked this: what’s beautiful to you right now? in this moment i find beauty in: the smile on my nieces faces when they turn and see me coming towards them. the sunshine. the embrace from friendsi havent seen in a while. the color of watermelon on my lips when wearing my punch pop lip balm. the love and pride allclevelanders have when it comes to our teams. the simple pleasure of curling up with a book and getting lost in it for hours. tulips, everywhere. sassy short hairstyles. photographs; there is a reason instagram is my favorite app. falling asleep with the windows open and hearing the sounds of spring…or summer. or whatever season we are calling it at the moment. fresh fruit, especially pineapples and raspberries. early morning drives, sunroof open and the new mumford & sons cd playing. brightly coloredmanicures, hey, white is bright for someone who usually always wears dark colors. your smile. seeing runners. it [almost] makes me want to hit the pavement again. completely real conversations, even if it must be through texts with my tribe. family relationships. patio drinking. and the quiet moment at the end of the day where you just are at peace.

what is beautiful to you?

cindi ended her column with these words which resonated with me and so i too leave you with them: ‘…and you’ll find no rules of any kind, other than: just do you.
always the best policy.’