once in a lifetime kind of people.

window heartlook around at the people god has put in your life. they arent there by accident.
i really do believe this with all my heart. and its something that i have been thinking about a lot lately. why do we meet the people we do? why are some instant connections? why do we guard some more than others? why do we no longer talk to others? i know i will never have the answers to these questions. but the more i reflect on the idea the more i know people come into our lives for a reason. again, maybe you immediately know why. maybe you dont. at the end of the day i am sure everyone i have met and will meet — brings something to the table. you [as in you, and you, and you…] became a part of my life for a reason. and probably this happened at a point where i needed you more than i ever really knew. maybe we met by chance. or maybe we were introduced to each other. maybe you have had a similar life experience. maybe you make me laugh. maybe you are that shoulder to lean on. maybe you just get me. maybe just…there are so many. simply, i suppose all i am saying is that i appreciate you, our relationship and all that you give to me. thank you for crossing paths with me. and in a way making me the girl i am today.

the best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. the people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. the people that love you, simply for being you. the once in a lifetime kind of people.

ruby red kind of love.

…because of you both, the world knows truth and love exist. keep these beliefs alive, and cherish one another….

january 16. 1976

40 years.
3 daughters.
3 granddaughters.
1 family.
that is love.

celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary tonight has me reflecting on love and relationships in general. i have had two significant relationships of my own. one was my first. my first everything. the other happened when i wasnt quite looking. probably when i least expected it. and was literally right in front of me. he was probably not the guy most of my friends saw me dating. but he sparked a fire inside of me. and truly opened my eyes up to another world. both will forever hold a piece of my heart. i am going to be thirty-seven this year. and yes, still checking the single box. my parents have been married forty years. both sets of my grandparents were married for over twenty-five years. and kelly and greg have been married for nine years. marriage is definitely something i want. all of the relationships i have been around have taught me an incredible amount: love is not always going to be easy. it is going to be challenging. it is going to be filled with ups and downs. it is going to be filled with tears. but it is also going to be overflowing with laughter. with travel and with incredible moments i cannot even imagine. so yes, i dream about finding my guy. but i refuse to settle. carrie bradshaw said it so eloquently: some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies. i want the butterflies. i want the guy that makes me smile the way greg makes kelly smile. i want the guy who teases me as much as my dad teases my mom. i want that kind of love.

happy ruby anniversary big jim and mama k ….
thank you for showing me a true love story.

the browns. how much is too much?

being a browns fan is completely, utterly irrational. but you already know that. 
if you were born after 1960, you already know being a browns fan makes no sense. 
none. zero. 
thats because the teams most recent championship was in 1964. [terry pluto]

not even four days removed from the 2015 season and i feel compelled to comment on the state of my team. i am mostly at a loss for words. the firing of farmer i expected. i was on the fence about whether pettine should stay or not. johnny football. billy. whatever you wanna call him, he can go. i was never officially on his bandwagon. i am one hundred percent not a fan. he is a cancer to the team. i am officially ready to break up with him. for good. forever. just leave on a jet plane to never return.

this season. it was an odd one. it was strange for me personally. mainly because my dad is recovering from serious ankle surgery and did not attend even one game. the last browns event i attended with him was the uniform reveal party on april 14, 2015. wait we did pre-game at karl’s together once this year. i missed him. i am pretty sure i teared up on more than one occasion because he wasnt there. it just wasnt the same. for me sundays, are football. and days with big jim. my friends welcomed me with open arms and i tailgated in the muni lot for every home game. i once again attended the battle of ohio in cincinnati this year. though i liked last years result better. i made an abundance of pudding shots. i was the girl on fire. i fought steelers fans. i got to participate in an on-field promotion and won tickets from united. i had fun. i really did. i just wish the browns ….  i wish a lot for them. mainly i just wish they would give us the team this city deserves. i believe. i am die-hard. ill admit it got really hard this year. the losing. the horrible press. but here i am. still a browns fan. still wishing. still hoping. and waiting … waiting for that day we make it to the super bowl. it might not happen in my lifetime, but god i hope it does. you best believe ill be there. so, the state of the browns. i dunno. i am still at a loss of words. i guess we just wait and see at this point. in the meantime ill leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the season.

loving the browns doesnt make sense. but we just cant help ourselves. [terry pluto]

sparkly and happy.

sparkly&happyhello twenty sixteen.

i work in an environment where we are continually discussing our vision and goals. heck, they are displayed in the store for all to see. with the chaos of the holidays now behind us talk is now returning to our vision & goals.

new year.
new days.
new desires.
new chances.
new you.

#seawheeze in 2.0 hours | august 13th i will be running 21.1km/13.1 miles along the pacific ocean in vancouver. i am lucky enough to be joining an amazing cleveland lululemon squad in this adventure and truly cannot wait to see what the weekend holds. in 2013 i ran the cleveland half in 2:29:54 — my goal is to complete seawheeze in 2.0 hours. yes, i am hoping to knock off almost thirty minutes! i am throwing out my fear of getting injured during the race and/or training which happened in 2013 and again when i tried to run the race the following year. instead i am putting in the confidence that i can do it. the commitment to stick with a training plan that works for me. and simply that i will have fun in crushing this goal.  so who wants to hit the pavement with me?

750 club | i love pure barre, this you know. its my happy place. my best and favorite hour of my day. and truly the first fitness workout that i came to love. i love the small moves & big changes. i love the confidence it gives me. and i love that i can say ‘i look good because of barre.’ the next barre milestone i am chasing is signing the 750 barre. i dont have my classes laid out (yet!!), but i know i am close. and i know i cannot wait to join this club at pure barre rocky river. #lift #tone #burn

graduate school for clinical mental health counseling | this one is huge. i am still waiting on the next step in the application process (the interview) and to actually be accepted. i threw this out in the universe right before the holiday season and i believe with my whole heart it will happen. patience is the name of the game currently. i look forward to opening that acceptance letter and experiencing those first day jitters all over again. it will be an adjustment and a lifestyle change. but the time is right. i want bigger. i want to make a difference in the world & this is how.

whoa, those are big goals for twenty sixteeen.
of course there are others —  like getting a place of my own, getting some more ink, writing more, reading more books, finding love, etc … some within reach, some a litte farther away, but when the stars align correctly it (*whatever that it is) will happen.

at my nieces third birthday party last month she commented that a gift was sparkly & happy. it made us all laugh. but those simple words have stuck with me. sparkly. happy. they have become my own little mantra. thats all i want. so my friends, i wish you a fabulous, sparkly and happy twenty sixteen. go be you.

you are magic, own that shit.


fuelhappinesswe want you to be happy. like, cant-believe-this-is-my-effing-life happy! so we did our research and learned that there are small things we can do every day to boost our mood and truly flourish. get stoked — these research-based practices were designed to make you happier. #fuelhappiness *


meet the lululemon 2015 holiday campaign. i am crazy about it for so many reasons.

explore mediation.
make gratitude a habit.
live with purpose.
cultivate positivity.
nourish your connections.
kindness matters.
take your pleasure seriously.

we were each given a deck of cards focusing on these practices. with the idea that ‘when we choose to practice these happiness habits, we realize that one small change can ignite a ripple effect that can in turn affect our entire community.’*

so deep. so powerful. the messages are ones that seem so simple but daily i have been reminded maybe they are not as straightforward as i think. and yes, maybe they are not even something i am practicing daily. just stop there.

ive been using the fuelhappiness hashtag on a lot of my instagram pictures because they genuinely show my happiness. what sparks my fire. but lets dig deeper.

explore mediation | taking just a few minutes to get truly present can have an amazing effect on how you think, feel, and act.*
my previous post says it all you need to know — .peace.begins.with.me. — it works. pinky swear.

make gratitude a habit | expressing gratitude daily can create a powerful shift in how we see the world. *
at work we talked about the last time we were thanked for something and asked to share. when i see the words make gratitude a habit i am immediately taken back to thanksgiving weekend. i shared on instagram the following quote “there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” i believe this with every ounce of heart. this past thanksgiving, it was spending the weekend with family, some of which i havent seen in years. and my biggest gratitude was because i am now in the possession of a painting that belonged to my grandmother that i thought was missing for the past fourteen years. again, the details are neither here or there. but its mine. and seeing that beautiful painting daily…. there are not enough words. i am forever thankful MP.

live with purpose | people who find meaning in their work have more fulfilled, happy lives – especially as they age. *
okay, dirty little secret reveal. i am going for that bigger purpose. i have stopped making excuses and have applied to graduate school. i want the bigger, self-discovery process and plan to receive my masters in clinical mental health counseling. (related: i am still waiting on the next step in the application process, which is an interview. but i am throwing the idea/want out into the universe).

cultivate positivity | its not rocket science – the more we scan the world for positive outcomes and opportunities, the better we feel. *
the card that hit home the most for me suggests that physically destroying negative thoughts has been shown to make them go away. it even goes as far to say writing them down, finding a safe place and lighting them on fire. #tbt to news year 2015 with LC. ive also approached this differently in that i have written down three desires and put it in a safe place. they say when you put these things into the universe they will happen.

nourish your connections | the biggest predictor of happiness is the number of people you feel like you can count on. *
with this one, they say that we need social relationships to thrive. they suggest having a coffee date to deepen a relationship. two of my former lemons came to mind immediately when i read this. i am looking at you, miss crossfit distinction and miss florida sunshine soul-searching beauty.

kindness matters | so you want to be happier and healthier? giving back, being kind or lending a hand makes all the difference. *
it really, really does. the kindness card i love most suggests the following….breathe slowly. imagine a golden thread of light extending out from your heart toward your loved one as your recite these mantras in your head: may you have happiness. may you be free from suffering. may you experience joy and ease. repeat.

take your pleasure seriously | when youre going through a rough patch, accessing ways that will reliably boost your mood can alter your perception of how happy you are.*
the two or three things that put a smile on my face even on a shitty day. pure barre. my nieces. a good book.

so how are you fueling happiness?
what makes you cant-believe-this-is-my-effing-life-happy?

*from the fuel happiness deck of cards/and/or the website


black friday | two words that immediately make me think of chaos as someone who works in the retail industry. i walked into work last friday afternoon expecting just that. it had its moments but in general the day was incredibly fast paced, fun and not nearly as chaotic as i expected. at the beginning of each shift at lululemon we have a check-in. the goal for the day is announced. intentions set. clearings and celebrations are shared. and we have the daily motivation. the motivation amy shared with us on black friday ….. i loved. it just made sense & then i kind of forget about it. or so i thought. tonight on my ridiculously slow, rainy commute home i found myself using the mudra and mantra that we learned. it worked. and i found myself able to return to that happy place, that place of stillness and that place of peace. that is when i knew it was worth sharing with you ….


go ahead, try using it in that moment when you know you need to return to a place of happiness.
taking just a few minutes to get truly present can have an amazing effect on how you think, feel and act. #exploremediation #joblove #fuelhappiness

just, love.

just lovesuch a simple statement. but truly, let it simmer for a minute….
i just finished watching the world news and it was story after story about the recent events in paris. then a text message from a friend popped up on my phone and she told me she thinks her relationship is failing. and my sisters best friend is saying goodbye to her dad this weekend. my heart could break. not to long ago, i posted a picture of my hunters and umbrella with a blurb about how much i love a fall rain. its true, i do. several friends responded that they appreciate how i always see the positive. their comments warmed my heart, because i admittedly do not always see the positive. i try to. but sometimes i see the gloom. though i aim to find joy in even the simplest things from one day to the next, my instagram is proof of that. so my point. in one weeks time we will be sitting around tables, with plates overflowing, glasses of wine poured, shots of woodford taken, and surrounded by the people we cherish the most …. just be. be still. be thankful. be you. fuel happiness. laugh. cry. enjoy those moments. and just, love. xoxo.